Selections (1-49)

49 archival pigment prints on Hahnemühle Museum Etching. Each 40 x 30". 2015-2018.

Selections (1-49) is a photography series consisting of 49 prints of lottery selections: one for every possible choice in a standard 49 number lottery. Each number comes from a unique selection slip, resulting in a variety of mark making styles and material.

The change in scale and raking light accentuate the materiality of the source material: the pressure and movement of the mark-making; the granularity of graphite and the density of different inks across the fibrous terrain of the selection slips. The selections are printed on a matte, heavy-weight, textured rag paper, giving the prints a drawing-like quality. The utilitarian mark becomes an aesthetic abstraction: the graphological transformed to a bodily scaled gesture.

Exhibition history:
2019 Forest City Gallery, London ON.